Turning business objectives into bespoke digital services

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We create digital services that transform businesses.

Using lean, Agile methodologies and rapid prototyping, it’s never been easier to create, test, and refine new services based on customer data and human behaviour.

Together, we’ll collaborate to accelerate your innovation and increase your differentiation.



Towards human-centred design.

The digital world is transforming human behaviour and society.

User experience is now about identifying new demands and creating digital solutions to meet them, improving your customers and employees lives as a result.

Customer satisfaction is the primary focus of every successful business. We measure the incremental impact of each new service we deploy, using data to improve each iteration created.



Build on stone, not sand.

Digital execution requires short continuous development cycles, real time access to data, and scalability to ensure core flexibility.

To meet this challenge, digital experience services must be built on solid foundations - connected to existing systems, with guaranteed scalability, and consistency across all channels and security challenges.

Using best-in-class development frameworks and solid architecture patterns we will deliver a robust foundation for your transformation.


ekino’s flexibility allowed us to be more efficient and to develop our skills by integrating CoorpAcademy’s collaborators to their development team.

Fredérick Bénichou,

Co-founder of CoorpAcademy