Our culture

Our culture

Our vision: Harnessing technology to empower your users

Our ambition is to develop solutions that have a real impact on the lives of the men and women who use them. Indeed, we are firmly convinced that technology and innovation are only useful if they are at the service of users, whether these are your customers or your people.

Our mission: To act as your facilitator

We provide customized solutions that meet your current and future needs by bringing together a team of experts in their field, from consulting to design, technology, data, AI, and innovation. This is organized in such a way as to facilitate emulation and exchange and allowing for faster industrialization of your products and services. 

Our story

Founded by Yann Doussot and Malo Gaudry, respectively specialized in engineering and in business/marketing, ekino responds to both the business and technological challenges of multinationals and start-ups. Our desire to address the new digital challenges facing companies by merging expertise was born out of this collective and complementary vision. In less than 10 years, we grew from the technical division of a group specialized in digital marketing to a global group of 600 people that unites all the digital trades within the Havas galaxy. We have grown, changed, and evolved, but we have never lost sight of the passion that fuels us.

  • “Impossible to sum up in one sentence!”

    Yann Doussot, Global CEO

  • “The human must come before the rest!”

    Malo Gaudry, CEO

  • “Where ambition meets achievability”

    Alexandre Sompheng, CEO Vietnam

  • “Several expertise in one!”

    Frank Pavageau, Cloud Archtitect

  • “An agency out of the box”

    Frédérick Nara, Manager

  • “A great school to learn and grow”

    Karim Vossough, Partner

Our values

The values that ekino carries today remain the same as they were in the beginning. The same values that allow us to stay ahead of the curve and champion what we believe in:


The joy of solving a problem, of creating, of developing something unique, of moving forward, of passing on knowledge, and of doing it together, as a team, thanks to the know-how of each and every one of us.


This is about growing together, sharing our values, vision and knowledge in order to foster growth among our teams and provide the best possible service to our clients.


The respect of promises made individually or collectively and guaranteed by the investment and perseverance of each one of us. We give ourselves all the means to reach our objectives.


Staying true to our convictions towards our clients and teams is part of our DNA. No matter the context, we remain true to our values and have always done so.


The constant pursuit for the best possible solutions. Continuously questioning ourselves while aiming to improve ourselves for tomorrow and embracing our will to go beyond expectations.


The ability to understand the other person’s point of view and situation in order to adjust one’s actions and create a positive impact is the best definition of empathy to us.

Let's build together!

Tell us about yourself, your projects, your ambitions, your challenges, your customers and let’s co-create concrete solutions that will contribute to your transformation. We will contact you shortly to learn more.

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