Working in collaboration rapidly delivers solid outcomes

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Turning your business strategy into a production ready service with a bespoke team of experts

A typical ekino team consists of experts in data, design, product management, and software development.

This senior team works with your experts and business stakeholders in partnership to build new products using Agile methodologies that focus on business value with a rapid delivery.

Whether it’s in-house or at a specified location, we’re there to collaborate closely with your team - ensuring your vision delivers true business value, now and in the future.

We identify problems, and find solutions - not the other way around

At the start of each project, we deep-dive to really understand your business and its challenges. Both internally and externally, now and in the future. Teams are therefore assembled around the same vision - to solve a particular problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. This ethos is reflected in our approach to technology selection. We’ll recommend the best product for your needs, not ours.

Our iterative and user-centric methodologies ensure rapid product adoption

Using proven methodologies with small and senior teams, we can achieve greater control over quality, cost, and return on investment. This approach will help your product take shape step-by-step, from wireframes and prototyping, to workable demos for testing, or limited releases leading to production ready versions.

Expert technical consulting and implementation as standard

No digital product or service can thrive in isolation from your company systems and data. Our engineering team build solid and scalable foundations to integrate your digital experience with your information system or external partners. The services that we build are production-ready, and compliant with your corporate integration and security rules.