From initial strategy to full product launch, we’re here each step of the way

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  • Transforming organisations and digital products to help you provide your clients better service and experience. Our senior consulting team will help you build and deliver a transformative roadmap with actionable tasks for your business, using data analysis, advanced methodologies, organisational design, and digital capabilities.

  • Using methodologies such as Design Thinking and extensive user and market research, we design services that satisfy both customer needs, and business requirements. Our design team - fully integrated into our "One Team" model - work hand in hand with our technology experts, and prototype to quickly build testable versions of new services, delivering a significantly reduced time to market.

  • Agile methodologies are a crucial component of digital transformation, helping teams to deliver new services faster and with increased business value. Large, established organisations can often require additional support in adopting an Agile mindset. Our team of Agile Coaches provide in-depth training in advance of, and during, the lifecycle of any project.

  • Our architects and solution experts analyse your projects and infrastructure, identifying the weak spots and architecture flaws. Based on our findings we can either partner with you to implement quick improvements impacting both quality and reliability, or plan a progressive transition of your technology stack to a new, robust platform.

  • We never stop exploring technology and building new prototypes or proof-of-concepts in our in-house innovation centre, L’Atelier. Whatever the technology - from AR/VR, IoT, Robots, AI, and everything in between - we’re always ready. Ready to build prototypes or full-scale innovative solutions. Ready to create new business services, and customer touch points.

  • How do you architect a complex digital system to make it more scalable and Agile? Using the best practices and patterns, we can help you transition your infrastructure to an open infrastructure that supports all digital channels, now and in the future.


  • Using the best practices and patterns, we can help you architect an open and scalable infrastructure that will support all digital channels of your company and connect to your existing back office. We take an agnostic approach to technology selection to craft secure, scalable solutions that stand the test of time.

  • The cornerstone of your digital customer experience, we ensure your marketing platform is seamlessly integrated with your information system and third-party tools, helping to deliver personalised content and services to your audience. With a vendor-neutral approach, we help you select the right Web Experience, E-commerce or Marketing Automation platform and integrate it into your infrastructure.

  • Leveraging our expertise and partnerships with the world’s foremost Cloud providers (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure) - we help you build or transition to a scalable, automated and cost efficient digital infrastructure.

  • 'An open architecture drives increases in agility and sustainability. Re-architecture your information system, and open it to internal or external applications through an API-fication of your business services.

  • Data is the lifeblood of your business. Our team of data engineers build the infrastructure to collect, visualise and analyse data to measure and improve your customer experience. Using advanced modelling and algorithms, our data science team can build data solutions such as recommendations engines, or automated systems.

  • The speed and the quality of your delivery is key to quickly adapt to new business challenges and deliver the best experience to your customers. Using DevOps tools and methodologies, we build automated production toolchains that reduce the risk and delay between your new idea and your customers.


  • Whatever your business challenge, we collaborate closely with your team and audience to uncover requirements and co-create digital services and products. From research, to go-to-market strategy, we build and execute the roadmap to successful business transformation.

  • Building early helps focus the mind and highlights any potential challenges ahead. As such, rapid prototyping and testing is key to our product development process.

  • Driven by analytics and market insights, we profile your target audience. We couple this data-driven approach with a product identity that embodies your brand values and services, attracting and retaining engaged consumers.

  • Using an holistic approach, we map the customer journey on all channels and touchpoints. This Customer Journey Mapping is a core asset to guide improvements to your customer experience.

  • Through field research, workshops, and digital tools, we quickly mine qualitative and quantitative data that details the rich world of your supporters, focused through persona development.

  • Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Using our expertise in brand experience, creative, and visual design - we create relevant, clean, and meaningful interfaces that are a joy to use every day.

  • Our front-end development team uses the most efficient technology to deliver a production-ready service on all devices used by your customers. We use tools and methodologies integrated with our design processes to deliver a consistent experience with rapid turnaround.

  • Our work doesn’t finish post-launch. We analyse real-life usage data from multiple sources to continue to refine the process. In turn, this continuous improvement and attention to detail reliably delivers increased ROI, happier users, and stronger customer retention.